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Roberts Cassette/CD Radio Range

Roberts Radio C9950 image

Roberts Radio C9950

The Roberts Radio/Cassette C9950 features a 3 hour record time with standard tapes, a built in microphone and digital timer.

Further information on the C9950

Roberts Radio CD9959

The Roberts Radio/CD player CD9959 features stereo sound with deep bass boost and 3 band radio .

Further information on the CD9959

Roberts Radio CD9959 image
Roberts Radio CD9960 image

Roberts Radio CD9960

The Roberts Radio CD9960 CD radio cassette recorder features a 3 band radio and deep bass boost as well as fully programmable cd player and record functions.

Further information on the CD9960

Roberts Radio CD9989

The Roberts Radio CD9989 CD/MP3 player and radio features a CD-R/CD-RW compatible player plus MW/FM/LW stereo radio with a multi function display.

Further information on the CD9989

Roberts Radio CD9989 image
Roberts Radio RC9907 image

Roberts Radio RC9907

The Roberts Radio RC9907 mono cassette recorder features LW/MW/FM wavebands, a dial tuning system, rotary volume and tuning controls, a timer record facility and digital clock alarm

Further information on the RC9907

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